• Jerry's Supermarket13/08/2021

    “I want to compliment you guys. Allison takes care of my orders and does the best job of anyone I have worked with in my 46 years in the grocery industry. I transferred from Jerry's in MN 20 years ago. I originally started with them in 1970. And come back in 1975 for good. She is wonderful and so is your company.”
  • AMANGANI22/07/2021

    “Thank you for always being so helpful. It is always a pleasure working with you!”

    "Working with Richard Zeeman is such a joy. Not only is he so knowledgeable and helpful. But each order can be placed quickly and easily. Richard never fails to put a smile on my face with his good humor and encouraging words. Even though I have never met Richard in person, I consider him a friend. He is definitely one of my favorite Vendors to work with."
  • Guest Services22/07/2021

    “The customer service from PTL is second to none and added to great product assortments make PTL the go to for all our sundry needs. ."
  • HILTON GRAND VACATIONS at SeaWorld22/07/2021

    “Thank you for your many years of Service and Dedication to our Hilton Grand at SeaWorld Food and Beverage Team!! It is your professionalism and commitment to our company that has allowed us to grow our business year over year (except 2020, I am calling shenanigans on the entire year J ), so on this Thanksgiving we want to thank you for your partnership! All the best to you, your family, and fellow team members!”
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts22/07/2021

    “PTL is a great customer service oriented company that we have used for years…. The Mobile Accessory Center is a huge revenue generator for us and has been very popular with our hotel guests… Can’t say enough good things about our relationship with PTL!""
  • JW Marriott22/07/2021

    “PTL Enterprises is a company that exceeds all expectations. The level of service and quality provided by the company and product are impeccable… This level of service and dedication is the reason my company will continue the business relationship with PTL…”
  • The Ritz Carlton22/07/2021

    “Thank you so much for the excellent service that you provide to us! You are always very friendly and efficient to work with! I appreciate the efforts you make to keep us up to date of new merchandise and appropriate substitutions if a product is unavailable from the manufacturer. Keep up the great work :)”
  • W Hotels22/07/2021

    “We have been working with PTL for a while now and they have everything. The supplies offered by PTL works well with W South Beach as it gives us a variety of items we can offer our guests.”
  • Mt. Bachelor29/06/2021

    As always, I appreciate you being there for me. Also, based on accurate shipping, billing, and selection, PTL has shown me I can order with confidence.
  • Sandals Resorts03/02/2021

    "To Whom It May Concern,
    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I find myself writing this recommendation for our supplier, PTL One.
    Sandals Resorts International and PTL One enjoy a relationship that goes back almost 20 years.  The reason is quite simple: in a wide field of competitors, PTL One stands out for their unwavering commitment to the highest level of customer service.  From their near perfect performance when it comes to their order fulfillment to their incredible flexibility with working through the logistical challenges presented by our Caribbean based business, PTL One gets top marks.
    Over and above their professionalism and industry know-how, PTL One also has the uncanny ability to keep their finger on the pulse of product trends.  Each season we always know that we can rely on PTL One to present to us new and exciting products that meet the high demands of our guests.  This saves us considerable time, energy and cost by not having to source these goods.
    In short, at Sandals we work with more than 1000 vendors across a wide range of product categories.  I can quite honestly put hand over heart and attest to the fact that PTL One is one of our very best partners and we are so grateful for the partnership and the business we continue to build together.

  • Casa Unlimited Enterprises, Inc22/07/2020

    “PTL One is my go to supplier for HBC needs for our stores. They have a vast selection of product that covers all our needs for this category. They ship quickly and at a high fulfillment rate. Suzi Garcia, our PTL One Ambassador provides great customer service, one of the best I've worked with in my 25 years as a buyer.”
  • Cracker Barrel22/07/2020

    “We appreciate PTL for being informative, reliable, and quick to respond to unexpected changes in our needs.”
  • Delaware North22/07/2020

    “...We recently sent out a proposal request to numerous HBA distributors to choose a preferred distributor. Various criteria were reviewed…I’m glad to say that PTL came out on top. Their willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy the various needs of our company’s diverse locations is second to none.”
  • Hard Rock22/07/2020

    “For PTL, the online ordering system, the updates by email, the service we receive and prompt resolutions are why we have continued to partner with them for our offering. PTL constantly challenges their own offering, introducing new products that mirror the challenges and demands from the market itself. Over the past 13 years I have expanded our partnership due to the positive partnership I have had with them. Also, I thoroughly appreciate the personal attention our rep, Allison, gives not only myself but also my team.  She presents those new challenges for the market to us on a regular basis, we can call her at any given moment, and her and her team are there always seeking to remain a partner, giving steadfast and encouraging communication. One extra note: I truly am grateful for their attention to market issues.  When I hear of any medical murmur for any given item, they have already pulled it from the ordering system and remain resolute in structuring a safe environment for their partners and their partners’ guests.”
  • Lion Country Safari22/07/2020

    “PTL is unbelievable! They have all of my sundry needs covered. The customer service provided and delivery of orders is spectacular…. I would recommend PTL to anyone.”
  • Miami Seaquarium22/07/2020

    "Although I mentioned it during our video call yesterday, I wanted to follow up with a personal email to express my thankfulness to you in how you have treated myself and my business from the start. In the times face, where there is so much global issues happening, maintaining revenue streams and maximizing one’s business is extremely important. I am constantly analyzing my business to not only be profitable but, to continue to offer the right mix of products to my guests. You have done a wonderful job listening and HEARING my needs and offering me solutions. There are many vendors to choose from in my business and I will, and have, given my business to the reps who prove to me that my business is just as important to them as it is to me. Building relationships is a goal EVERY rep should have and sadly, missed a lot of the time. You have made me feel part of PTL family which is just about the greatest compliment I can give. I look forward to a continued great relationship and discovering new items and sharing their success stories with you. Missed out on the Tennessee trip this year but, will see you next time!"
  • Nickelodeon22/07/2020

    “I have always enjoyed having PTL as my main supplier for my retail store. Their customer service is outstanding. I know that if there is a product I need, all I have to do is ask and they will do their best to make sure that I get the best quality and price that they can!”“...We recently sent out a proposal request to numerous HBA distributors to choose a preferred distributor. Various criteria were reviewed…I’m glad to say that PTL came out on top. Their willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy the various needs of our company’s diverse locations is second to none.”
  • Palace Entertainment22/07/2020

    “PTL is an essential part of the Palace Business, their product offerings cover multiple categories which allow for a 1 stop buying experience and prices and shipping that is unmatched. PTL repeatedly goes above and beyond with the products by constantly updating the offerings but reacting to whatever your needs will be, if you need it and they don’t offer it they will go and source it for you. PTL time and time has delivered exceptional service in all aspects from pricing, speed of delivery and customer service. Our Rep, Suzi, truly has our interests as her main goal and works tirelessly managing our account. This level of service makes PTL Extraordinary compared to the ordinary companies out there. ”
  • Sheraton22/07/2020

    “I have been helping get our market pantry back in shape these past few months and switched us over to a vendor I used when I ran the shop back in Mobile, AL like 14 years ago LOL. They are way cheaper than [Competitor]...They have a new referral program and I wanted to see if you wouldn’t mind please sharing with the rest of our group? Not sure how else to push this out? I have cc’d our rep Richard who is great and has been rep the entire time I have worked with PTL He would be happy to assist anyone that may be interested in trying them out."
  • Six Flags22/07/2020

    "…On behalf of the Six Flags Corporate Retail Office..., I am pleased with the success of your product over the past two years that we have done business together. I am impressed by your selection and packaging and equally impressed by the high quality of service that you personally give to Six Flags."